Best Indoor Plants That Repel Mosquitoe

Top Plants for Keeping Insects and Mosquitoes Away Indoors


1/ Rosemary: Just a small, sunny, and dry spot is needed to cultivate rosemary. Besides its culinary uses, its fragrance effectively wards off mosquitoes and insects. Rubbing its branches on exposed skin can prevent mosquito bites. Additionally, burning rosemary on a grill or in a fire pit serves as a natural mosquito repellent.

2/ Basil: Not only does fresh basil enhance the flavor of your meals, but it also has gardening benefits like improving the taste of plants nearby. Most importantly, it acts as a natural mosquito repellent.

3/ Lemon Balm: Containing “Citronellal,” lemon balm emits a strong lemon fragrance that repels mosquitoes, making it a perfect choice for your anti-mosquito plant lineup.

4/ Lavender: Mosquitoes are repelled by scents that humans enjoy, with lavender being a prime example. Dabbing lavender oil on your wrists and ankles can effectively deter insects, flies, and mosquitoes.

5/ Wild Mint: Research indicates that wild mint’s essential oil, particularly “Nepetalactone,” is more effective at deterring mosquitoes than commercial bug sprays. It is so strong that only a fraction of the amount is needed compared to traditional insecticides like DEET for similar results.