Tomato Macerate A Powerful Insecticide For Your Plants, Excellent Against Cabbage Moth

To defend your garden, numerous natural remedies can be adopted, and one effective option is tomato macerate. It serves as an excellent insecticide that shields your plants from the threat of aphids and cabbage moths. Tomatoes contain solanine, a highly toxic substance for insects, produced by the plant to protect itself from their attacks. Once ripe, tomatoes lose this substance, becoming edible.

From tomatoes, you can create a genuine insecticide. Learn how to safeguard your garden.

Tomato Macerate: How to Prepare It

To prepare tomato macerate, soak the leaves and stem of the plant in water, preferably rainwater. Choose a ceramic container or, alternatively, use a plastic bin. For an effective natural insecticide, use 250/300 grams of tomato plant per liter of water. It’s advisable not to use the fruits inside the macerate, as they are less effective.

Once prepared, let the tomato macerate sit for about four to five days before using it. Alternatively, to speed up the process, you can crush all the plant components, and the mixture will be ready in two days.

Use It as a Natural Insecticide

As mentioned, tomato macerate can become an excellent natural insecticide, protecting plants from aphids and cabbage moths. Spray the mixture directly on the plants in your garden. Avoid doing this during peak sunlight hours, as the sun’s rays can damage wet leaves. This remedy is highly effective against aphids, small plant lice that can be particularly harmful to vegetable plants. If you notice these insects on your plants, it’s advisable to intervene immediately.

Your garden plants are also vulnerable to a well-known moth, namely the cabbage moth, which primarily attacks cruciferous plants. Treat your plants with tomato macerate between April and October to keep this moth at bay and prevent it from laying eggs. This natural remedy ensures the safety of your plants, promoting their healthy and robust growth.

It’s recommended to ditch chemical-based insecticides and repellents harmful to plant health and the environment. Tomato macerate stands out as a preferable and eco-friendly solution.

By choosing tomato macerate, you opt for a natural, effective, and environmentally friendly method to keep your plants thriving and pest-free. Happy gardening!