Garlic Cloves: A Natural Solution To Keep Insects Awa

Not a New Trend, But a Smart Trick: Garlic Cloves to Ward Off Insects

Leaving garlic cloves outside your home is not a new fashion statement or a fear of vampires; it serves a specific purpose. Even though summer is over, mild temperatures still allow many pests to survive and nest in or around our homes.

While using chemical insecticides protects us from infestations, it pollutes the air and empties our wallets. Traditional methods, like using garlic, can be just as effective. Its pungent odor, unpleasant to the sensitive noses of pests, drives them away without harming us, them, or the environment.

Let’s explore how to prepare a useful and safe repellent!

Garlic Cloves: Everyone is Trying This Solution for a Common Problem!

As mosquitoes, flies, and ants disappear or decrease at the end of summer, other more harmful insects can thrive within our walls, in gaps, and survive throughout the year. Among them, cockroaches pose a significant threat to our well-being, damaging building structures, causing diseases, and infiltrating our pantries.

As a first rule, pay attention to how you store food, seal it carefully, and always keep the kitchen and pantry tidy. Seal cracks in the walls, routinely inspect every corner to eliminate a potential colony at its inception.

Done? Now, simply place garlic cloves along the building’s perimeter and in strategic points targeted by pests. Alternatively, prepare this spray solution.

To make this repellent, you’ll need:

  • Garlic head, 1
  • Boiling water, 4 cups

Chop the garlic, place it in a container, add water. Let it settle for a day and a night. The next morning, filter the liquid and transfer it to a spray bottle.

Shake vigorously and use it to spray on critical corners inside and outside the house; it’s harmless to humans! Not only that, but it will protect your plants from aphids and caterpillar attacks.

Beforehand, conduct a small test on a branch to see how that particular plant reacts to the oils in garlic; some may be sensitive.

Wait a couple of days between applications. With this natural insecticide, you can eradicate existing insects or prevent their presence.

If you have a garden, plant garlic around fruits and vegetables to ward off pests without resorting to dangerous chemical pesticides.

Don’t like the sharp and pungent smell of garlic? Replace it with mint or rosemary! They have the same safe and effective effect!