Growing Roses From Cuttings Using Natural Rooting Hormone Aloe Ver


Introduction: Roses are one of the most beloved and popular flowers in the world, cherished for their beauty and fragrance. Growing roses from cuttings is an economical and rewarding way to propagate these exquisite plants. While there are various synthetic rooting hormones available in the market, using aloe vera as a natural alternative can be an effective and eco-friendly option. In this article, we will guide you through the process of growing roses from cuttings using aloe vera as a natural rooting hormone.

Materials Required:

  1. Healthy rose cuttings
  2. Aloe vera leaf or aloe vera gel
  3. Sharp gardening shears
  4. Potting mix (well-draining)
  5. Small pots or containers
  6. Plastic bags or plastic wrap
  7. Rubber bands or twist ties
  8. Watering can or spray bottle
  9. A warm and bright location

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Selecting Healthy Rose Cuttings:
    • Choose a healthy rose bush and take cuttings from young, green stems that have not yet flowered.
    • Each cutting should be around 6-8 inches in length and contain at least two sets of leaves.
  2. Preparing Aloe Vera:
    • If using an aloe vera leaf, carefully cut a small section from the base of the leaf.
    • If using aloe vera gel, extract the gel by slicing the leaf lengthwise and scraping it out.
  3. Preparing Rose Cuttings:
    • Use sharp gardening shears to trim the bottom of each rose cutting at a 45-degree angle, just below a leaf node.
    • Remove any leaves or flowers from the lower half of the cutting, leaving only the top set of leaves.
  4. Applying Aloe Vera as Rooting Hormone:
    • Dip the trimmed end of each rose cutting into the aloe vera gel or the fresh aloe vera leaf section.
    • Ensure that the entire cut end is coated with a thin layer of aloe vera.
  5. Planting Rose Cuttings:
    • Fill small pots or containers with well-draining potting mix.
    • Insert the aloe vera-coated end of each rose cutting into the soil, burying at least one leaf node under the surface.
  6. Creating a Mini Greenhouse:
    • Cover the pots or containers with plastic bags or plastic wrap to create a mini greenhouse effect.
    • Secure the plastic covering with rubber bands or twist ties.
  7. Providing Ideal Conditions:
    • Place the pots in a warm, bright location, away from direct sunlight.
    • Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Use a spray bottle or watering can with a fine nozzle to water the cuttings.
  8. Rooting Process:
    • After a few weeks, check for the development of roots by gently tugging on the cuttings. If they resist, it indicates successful rooting.
  9. Transplanting:
    • Once the cuttings have established roots (usually in 6-8 weeks), transplant them into larger pots or directly into your garden.

Conclusion: Growing roses from cuttings using aloe vera as a natural rooting hormone is a simple and eco-friendly method that can yield beautiful rose plants. With patience and proper care, you can enjoy a garden full of stunning roses that you propagated yourself. Give this natural approach a try and watch your roses thrive.