Never Throw Away The Cooking Water From Potatoes: It Is Very Preciou

Never discard the cooking water from potatoes; it holds immense value. This oversight should be avoided at all costs.

When cooking, it’s common to make errors with serious repercussions. Among them is disposing of frying oil or oil from canned goods down the drain, a grave mistake due to oil’s non-biodegradable nature, which leads to pipe clogs and costly repairs. Another misstep is pouring potato cooking water down the sink. Instead of wasting it, this water should be preserved and repurposed, offering both environmental and economic benefits.


Potato cooking water contains numerous nutritional benefits, often overlooked. Understanding the nutritional properties of potatoes sheds light on the significance of this water. Potatoes are rich in potassium, vitamins, phosphorus, and beneficial mineral salts, promoting overall health and well-being. They bolster the immune system, enhance gastrointestinal functions, combat hypertension, alleviate stress and asthenia, provide folic acid, iron, and hepatoprotective properties, and contribute to bone health. Nutritionists advocate for cooking potatoes with their skin intact to maximize these benefits and antioxidants.


The versatility of potato cooking water allows for various applications. Its antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral-rich composition make it suitable for creating anti-aging masks. Simply blend avocado with the cooled cooking water and apply it as a facial mask for rejuvenated skin. For dry skin, adding coconut oil and honey can enhance hydration. Additionally, cooled potato cooking water serves as a soothing after-sun treatment for sunburned skin.

In essence, the cooking water from potatoes should never be underestimated; its benefits extend far beyond the kitchen.