Healthy And Vigorous Peace Lily, Throw In A Handful – It Will Bloom Beautifull

Discover the secret to cultivating a thriving and lush peace lily by incorporating a handful of a common ingredient. 

ingredient in lilies

Growing this beautiful plant can be challenging, but with the right care, your peace lily can flourish. Read on to uncover valuable tips for optimal growth.

Tips for Growing the Best Peace Lily:

The peace lily, known for its unique flowers, is a sought-after plant that poses cultivation challenges. To ensure your peace lily remains in top shape, consider the following tips:

Peace lily
  1. Avoid Drafts and Stuffy Environments: Plant your peace lily in a location protected from drafts and well-ventilated. In the summer, it can thrive outdoors in the shade, but during winter, bring it inside.
  2. Select the Right Soil: Use a soil mix consisting of peat, bark chips, and sand with an acidic pH for planting your peace lily.
  3. Maintain Optimal Temperature: Keep the temperature around 20 degrees Celsius for the peace lily to grow without issues. While it blooms perennially from spring to autumn, its growth may slow down in winter.

Now, for the incredible procedure that guarantees a lush and healthy peace lily:

The peace lily

The Rice Milk Solution:

  • Weigh 100 grams of rice and place it in a blender.
  • Add 2 liters of hot water and blend until you obtain a substantial rice milk.
  • Filter the liquid to remove rice grains.
  • Water your peace lily with this rice milk, ensuring not to let the rice come into contact with the plant to avoid increased humidity and potential fungal contamination.
Peace lily, a beautiful flower

This remarkable method, utilizing a familiar kitchen ingredient, rice, provides essential nutrients to your peace lily. Repeat this process approximately twice a week for optimal results. Remember to use the rice milk promptly, as storing it in the refrigerator can lead to acidity. With this simple yet effective technique, your peace lily will thrive, showcasing its beauty and vitality.