Don’T Waste Apple Peels: Transform Them Into Apple Cider Vinegar!

Never throw away apple peels: Soak them in a glass with vinegar

If you’re in the habit of eating apples and tossing away the peels, you’re missing out on something wonderful. Apple peels have incredible properties and can be repurposed in a brilliant way – let’s find out how.

Apple Peels: A Hidden Treasure

Apples are truly valuable fruits, offering numerous benefits and practically no “contraindications”. They contain no fat, protein, or sugar, and are even very low in calories. That’s why almost all diets recommend them for good health.

But here’s a surprise for you: it’s a mistake to throw away the apple peels! While they may seem like food waste, they are far from worthless. Instead of tossing them in the trash, you should soak them in a glass jar. The reason why will astonish you – keep reading to uncover more.

Never Discard Apple Peels

Apples are consumed all around the world and are often enjoyed peeled. However, not everyone knows that the peel holds all the properties and nutrients of this amazing fruit. In fact, it’s even recommended to eat the apple without peeling it.

If you choose not to eat the fruit itself, please avoid throwing the peels in the trash and instead give them a new purpose. Before eating an apple, make sure to wash it with water and baking soda. Recent studies have shown that baking soda effectively removes most pesticide residues from fruits. Additionally, it’s always important to know the source of your apples.

How to Reuse Apple Peels: A Remarkable Remedy

Are you wondering how to repurpose apple peels? Well, there’s an incredibly simple method you shouldn’t miss out on. You can transform them into delicious apple cider vinegar! Here’s how:

  1. Gather your apple peels or any other apple leftovers.
  2. Sterilize a glass jar and fill it more than halfway with the peels.
  3. Mix lukewarm water with a tablespoon of honey for each liter of water.
  4. Pour the water and honey mixture into the jar, making sure the peels are fully covered.
  5. Close the jar with a cloth and secure it with a rubber band.

Now, all you need to do is store the jar in a warm place, ensuring it doesn’t get too cold, for approximately 4 weeks. Ideally, the temperature should be around 20 degrees Celsius. Take a peek at it once a week and remove any white patina that may form on the surface using a spoon. After this time, your homemade apple cider vinegar will be ready to consume.

We recommend transferring the vinegar to glass bottles and storing them in the refrigerator. This way, you’ll have a delicious apple cider vinegar suitable for any kind of seasoning.

So don’t let those apple peels go to waste! Give them a new life as apple cider vinegar and enjoy the wonderful flavors and health benefits they offer.