Stick Familiar Spices Into The Soap


Did you know that a simple combination of bar soap and cloves can become an effective and economical solution to keep moths at bay in your home? Here’s how you can create this time-honored moth repellent for your closets and pantry.

The Problem with Moths

Moths can be a significant nuisance in both wardrobes and kitchens. Clothes moths tend to be lighter in color and wreak havoc in your wardrobe, while food moths, identifiable by the darker half of their body, are notorious for infesting pantry items like flour, rice, and cereals. If you find their larvae in your food stores, it’s crucial to discard the affected products to prevent further damage.

Crafting a Natural Moth Repellent

One effective way to deter moths is by using a combination of solid soap and cloves, which works due to their potent aroma. Here’s a simple guide to making this repellent:

Materials Needed:

  • A bar of solid soap
  • Several cloves


  1. Insert the Cloves: Push a few cloves into the bar of soap.
  2. Place in Strategic Locations: Position the clove-studded soap in closets, wardrobes, or pantry shelves. Its strong smell is highly effective at repelling moths.

Benefits of Using Clove Soap

Not only does this combination keep moths away, but it also leaves a pleasant scent in your storage areas. While other moth repellents like garlic or apple cider vinegar are effective, they may not be desirable for use in spaces with clothing due to their strong odors. Soap with cloves, however, ensures your garments stay fresh and undamaged by moth larvae.

Other Aromatic Repellents

For pantry protection, consider hanging fresh walnut or bay leaves, which also leverage strong scents that moths dislike. Fresh walnut leaves are particularly effective; simply place them on shelves or hang them in closets using a string.

Preventing Moth Infestations

Often, moths enter homes through infested grocery items. To prevent this, immediately treat new packages of flour by sifting and heating them. Spread the flour on a baking sheet and place it in an oven preheated to 90 °C for a few minutes to kill any potential moth eggs. Alternatively, microwaving the flour can also be effective.

With these simple and natural solutions, you can protect your home from moths without resorting to harsh chemicals, keeping your food supplies and clothing safe.