Anturio, A Handful Is Enough To Make It Flourish Like Never Before: It Lasts You For Year

Are you aware that Anthurium, the enchanting indoor plant, has the potential to thrive in your apartment for numerous years? The key to its sustained vitality lies in a straightforward yet potent ingredient.


Despite its susceptibility to wilting, this exquisite plant, known for its vibrant flowers and bright colors, can be encouraged to flourish for an extended period with a special trick involving a specific ingredient.

Anthurium, all the characteristics of this beautiful indoor plant

Anthurium boasts exceptional characteristics that make it an ideal indoor plant. Not everyone possesses a green thumb, and nurturing plants is akin to caring for a living being, demanding attention and love. However, not all plants are suited for apartment living or environments with limited exposure to light.


Enter Anthurium, an indoor plant perfectly adapted to less-than-ideal home conditions. Also referred to as Anthurium andreanum, it stands out for its extraordinary, showy, and colorful flowers, complemented by pointed or heart-shaped leaves. This elegant and refined plant is tailor-made for apartment living.

Were you aware that Anthurium flowers can last for more than two months? With proper care, including the removal of withered flowers to encourage new growth, your Anthurium can thrive for several years.

To ensure its prolonged survival, a specific ingredient comes into play. If you adopt a particular watering method using this ingredient, your Anthurium can potentially live for more than three years.

The secret to Anthurium flowering lies in oat water. This plant, native to equatorial America, derives its name from Greek, meaning “flower with a tail,” referring to the distinctive shape of its leaves called spathes, which resemble a small yellow tail.


In comparison to many other plants, Anthurium andreanum does not require excessive effort or care. It is a resilient houseplant that can endure if properly tended to. The primary requirement is maintaining the right environmental humidity, given its origin in the Colombian tropical jungle.

If your Anthurium seems to be slowly withering, it may be due to a lack of humidity. Positioning it away from direct heat sources and central heating, which can create a dry environment, is crucial. To ensure long-term survival, introduce a secret ingredient: oat water.

Oat water

Readily available in supermarkets or perhaps already in your home, oat water can be prepared by boiling 1000 ml of water and adding 2 tablespoons of powdered oats. The resulting product serves as a natural fertilizer, revitalizing your Anthurium and ensuring its endurance for years.

This single ingredient possesses the power to rescue your beautiful houseplant. It is advisable to use this self-produced fertilizer in the morning, allowing the plant sufficient time for the soil to absorb the properties and nutrients of the oat water.

Remember never to let the soil of your Anthurium dry out. Avoid the common mistake of daily watering, opting for a watering schedule of every three days in summer and every six days in autumn and winter.

In addition to humidity considerations, Anthurium thrives in bright areas. Consider placing a humidifier near the plant and position it close to a window where sunlight can filter through indirectly, preventing leaf burn.