Only 1 Cup Per Month Will Be Enough: Both Flowers And Roots Will Bloom All Year Roun

One cup per month is all it takes to ensure year-round blooming for both flowers and roots. As May unfolds its splendor with vibrant colors, maintaining lush growth and continuous flowering requires diligent care. Orchids, renowned for their elegance and fragrance, thrive indoors and outdoors alike, making them a popular choice for homes and gardens.

To foster abundant budding and perpetual blooming, a simple yet effective method can be employed. Begin by procuring an onion and extracting its peel, rich in essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, boasting antioxidant and antibacterial properties ideal for orchid growth. Place the onion peels in a glass container and add half a liter of boiled water, allowing it to cool. In a separate container, infuse five tablespoons of rice with a liter of room temperature water, filtering the resulting rice water. Combine the rice water with the onion peel solution, creating a nutrient-rich mixture for orchid fertilization.

Before application, dampen the orchid leaves and soil, allowing thirty minutes for root readiness indicated by a green hue. Apply the fertilizer by gently swabbing the leaves with a cotton pad soaked in the solution, enhancing leaf resilience against pests and providing vital vitamins. Alternatively, spray the solution under and over the leaves once or twice a month, combating fungi and parasites effectively. Pouring the solution into the vase soil further stimulates rapid growth, strengthening both leaves and flowers, ensuring a flourishing orchid display throughout the year.