Natural Repellent Plants To Keep Rats And Mice Out Of Your Home

Are you tired of unwanted rodents like rats and mice invading your peaceful home? Look no further! Mother Nature offers some fantastic green solutions. Here are six plants that not only beautify your space but also act as natural repellents against these pesky intruders.

Mint – The Refreshing Sentinel

Mint is more than a herb for your kitchen; it’s a natural rodent repellent. The strong, refreshing scent of mint is unappealing to rats and mice. Planting mint around your home can help keep these critters away, while also offering a delightful minty aroma for you to enjoy.

Lavender – Calming and Repelling

Known for its calming properties, lavender is also effective at keeping rodents at bay. Its pleasant fragrance is soothing for humans but a deterrent for mice and rats. Surrounding your home with lavender can create a serene environment that’s rodent-free.

Basil – The Culinary Warrior

Basil isn’t just for enhancing your dishes; it’s also a natural rodent repellent. Its strong scent helps to keep rats and mice out. Plant basil near your doorways and windows, and enjoy both a rodent-free home and a handy supply of fresh herbs.

Daffodils – The Cheerful Defender

Daffodils are beautiful and effective in repelling rodents, especially moles and mice. Their bulbs contain lycorine, which is toxic to these animals. Planting daffodils around your garden can add aesthetic value while serving as a natural barrier against furry intruders.

Alliums – The Striking Shield

Alliums are not just visually appealing; they’re also formidable against rodents. Being relatives of garlic and onions, their scent is particularly offensive to rats and mice. Add them to your garden for both beauty and protection.

Peppermint – The Potent Protector

Peppermint, with its intense aroma, is an excellent choice for those seeking a strong rodent repellent. Its scent is more potent than regular mint, making it highly effective at keeping rodents away. Bonus: you can also use it to brew refreshing peppermint tea.


Integrating these plants into your garden or home is a great way to naturally deter rats and mice. Not only will your space be free of rodents, but it will also be more inviting and fragrant. Embrace the power of plants and enjoy a home that’s both beautiful and rodent-free!