Garden, Never Plant These Vegetables Next To Tomatoes: They Compromise The Harves


Effective gardening entails knowing which plants complement each other and which ones might hinder growth. Take tomatoes, for instance.

Gardening, once overlooked, has gained newfound appreciation post-lockdowns, with enthusiasts even utilizing small spaces like balconies or windowsills for cultivation.

HOW TO CULTIVATE TOMATOES IN YOUR GARDEN While gardening is increasingly seen as a delightful pursuit, there are guidelines to adhere to.

Among these is the careful arrangement of various vegetables and greens.

In this discussion, we’ll focus on tomatoes, which, when paired with the wrong neighbors, might struggle to thrive or even suffer damage. Planting incompatible vegetables nearby could jeopardize your entire tomato crop. So, which vegetables should you avoid?

Tomatoes are highly regarded by gardening aficionados for their ease of cultivation and nutritional value. The thought of seeing your carefully nurtured garden destroyed due to poor plant placement is a nightmare for any dedicated gardener. However, employing a proven method can foster robust plant growth and a flourishing garden.

To achieve a bountiful harvest, consider the layout of your garden and plant associations. This technique involves strategically pairing different plants within the same garden or vegetable patch to promote growth and mutual protection.

The objective is to mimic natural ecosystems where each species fulfills a distinct role.

The selection of companion plants is crucial, as some may compete for the same nutrients and minerals in the soil, while others can form symbiotic relationships, repel pests, or provide shade.

Companion planting offers an alternative to monoculture by diversifying plants and fostering beneficial interactions among them.

WHICH PLANTS TO AVOID NEAR TOMATOES While tomatoes are generally good companions for many vegetables, they also have formidable adversaries. Let’s identify them.

Firstly, avoid planting corn near tomatoes. Corn can attract a pest known as Heliothus zea, which feeds on corn and can also damage tomato fruits, rendering them inedible.

Secondly, fennel isn’t a favorable companion for tomatoes. Its roots release chemicals that inhibit the growth of neighboring plants, making it better suited for solitary cultivation or potted growth.

Similarly, aubergines, despite belonging to the nightshade family like tomatoes, shouldn’t be grown alongside them. Both plants are susceptible to the same disease, tomato blight, which can easily spread between them.

Potatoes, also from the nightshade family, share similar vulnerabilities to diseases, posing a risk of transmission when grown near tomatoes. Additionally, careless potato harvesting can damage tomato roots, compromising their growth.

Furthermore, walnut trees, due to the toxic chemical juglone they produce, are unwelcome neighbors for tomato plants. This chemical can adversely affect various plants, including tomatoes.

This list provides insight into plants to avoid planting near tomatoes if you aim to achieve a successful harvest.

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