How To Change The Color Of Your Beautiful Hydrangeas: Tap Water Is Enoug

Surprisingly, changing the color of hydrangeas is a simple task that almost no one knows about—just tap water can work wonders according to experts.

Colorful hydrangeas

The world of orchids is captivating, displaying a myriad of colors that vary based on the specific type. Furthermore, these colors may change with alterations in the elements used for nourishment or hydration. For enthusiasts, orchids represent the magical wonders of nature, especially during their unique flowering stages. But how can one induce a change in their color? The secret lies in the use of tap water.

Flower Color and Soil pH:

The hue of hydrangeas is not solely determined by the type of plant; rather, it is intricately connected to the pH level of the soil. The soil’s acidity or basicity plays a crucial role in highlighting the flower colors. In acidic soil, hydrangeas exhibit blue and light blue shades, while less acidic soil results in pink and purple flowers.

This implies that altering the color of hydrangea flowers can be achieved by adjusting the pH of the soil. Whether through repotting the plant or incorporating natural elements, such modifications should always be executed with utmost respect for this magnificent plant, ensuring its preservation and optimal nourishment.

colorful hydrangeas

Tap Water Magic:

To witness the enchanting transformation of hydrangea flowers, various tricks come into play. Before delving into the tap water method, experts recommend alternative approaches:

  1. Wood Ash:
    • Utilize wood ash as a natural fertilizer for garden plants.
    • Sprinkle it on the soil every three weeks from March onwards to achieve beautiful pink hues in the flowers.
  2. Coffee Grounds:
    • Consider coffee grounds, often mistaken for waste but a valuable natural fertilizer.
    • Enrich the soil with nitrogen and essential nutrients, resulting in increased acidity and blue-hued flowers.
  3. Egg Shells:
    • Employ egg shells as natural fertilizers to acidify the soil and influence flower color.
how to change hydrangeas color
  • A widely endorsed method among experts involves the use of tap water, especially if it is rich in calcium. Over time, regular use of tap water can reduce soil acidity, leading to a notable change in the color of hydrangeas. Simply water the plants consistently with tap water, and witness the delightful transformation in hues. This method provides a simple yet effective way to appreciate the beauty of hydrangeas in a different light.