Olive Tree, The Trick To Multiply It Infinitely From 1 Sprig: All At Zero Cos

Olive Tree Propagation: Effortlessly Grow Infinite Trees from a Single Cutting


You can propagate an olive tree indefinitely from just a small cutting, and it’s much easier than you might think. Even those without a green thumb can successfully multiply their olive trees with minimal effort.

Ideal Conditions for Olive Tree Survival While olive trees thrive best in the warmer climates of Southern Italy, they are resilient and can also adapt to less favorable conditions in central or even northern regions. This hardiness makes the olive tree a versatile choice for different environments, whether planted in the ground or grown in pots for those with limited space.

Simple and Cost-Effective Method The process of multiplying olive trees is straightforward and economical. It allows you to add multiple specimens to your garden or balcony without the need to repeatedly visit a nursery.

Types of Propagation Olive trees can be propagated in two main ways: sexually through the fertilization of the flower’s female part, which combines traits from both parent trees, or vegetatively, where new plants are cloned from parts of an existing tree, maintaining identical characteristics.

Steps to Propagate from a Cutting

  1. Selecting the Cutting: Choose a healthy branch from a robust olive tree, ideally one year old with juicy, green bark. Avoid using cuttings from dry or diseased trees, as this reduces the chances of successful rooting.
  2. Preparation: Soak the cutting in water for 12 hours to prepare it for planting.
  3. Planting: After soaking, place the cutting in a box filled with a special soil mix of equal parts peat, vegetable garden soil, and mature manure. This box should be kept at a controlled temperature and watered daily.
  4. Rooting: It takes about two months for the cutting to develop roots. During this period, ensure the soil is consistently moist.
  5. Transplanting: Once the cutting has rooted, it can be transplanted into the garden where it will continue to grow, strengthen, and eventually bear fruit.

With this method, anyone can expand their collection of olive trees, enjoying the beauty and bounty of these resilient plants in their own backyard.