With This Treatment The Orchid Will Be Lush And Bloom For Year

The orchid is one of the most widespread and loved plants by all. But it needs a lot of care and also a lot of attention, because it is very easy for it to wither or die after a short while. Not everyone knows that there is a natural and effective remedy to make it lush and with different flowers. It will remain healthy and healthy for years. 

Orchid treatment

Among the most fascinating and appreciated plants are orchids. They have colourful, fragrant and truly beautiful flowers. Thanks to their particular colors they attract everyone’s attention and if they are positioned in a room, they will make it elegant, refined and welcoming.

However, if you don’t take care of it every day it could die or wither in a short time. Not everyone knows that there is a simple, natural, economical and effective remedy to keep it healthy and in perfect health.

How to care for an orchid: all the details

The orchid is characterized by a long, shiny green stem, while its flowers are colorful and fragrant. However, keeping it healthy is difficult, because it will take up a lot of your time, given that you will have to take care of this plant every day. For example, cleaning the leaves is very important, in fact, you will often have to remove the yellow and dry ones, or the dust from the green ones.

Dust accumulates more in houseplants and it is essential to remove it because it prevents the plant from feeding more easily on light and carbon dioxide, therefore it does not allow photosynthesis 

Colorful orchid

Furthermore, to give more brightness to the plant and improve the health of your orchid, you could use an ingredient that you find in your kitchen. We’re talking about mayonnaise . If it has expired and you don’t want to throw it away, to avoid wasting it you could use it to fortify the appearance and health of the plant.

Mayonnaise for a healthy and thriving orchid

If you have expired mayonnaise , mix it with water. You will obtain a compound that will help you clean your orchid, giving shine and bright color to the leaves of the plant. The process is simple , you will have to dip a clean cotton cloth in the mixture and clean the leaves.

Lush orchid

Thanks to the consistency of the mayonnaise you will be able to eliminate the sap, which is very sticky and can block the development of the orchid. This sauce that we often use in our kitchen is excellent for plant care, because it contains vinegar, vegetable oil and egg yolks.  They are all super nutritious ingredients for the plant.

In this way, your orchid will be healthy and perfect in a short time. Its flowers will be colorful and fragrant, furthermore, you will see the plant much more lush. But it is important to point out that this compound should only be applied to plants that are inside an apartment . However, if the orchids are outdoors , never do this, because mayonnaise could cause very serious problems for your beloved orchid.