Orchids: How To Keep Them Thriving For Years

Orchids are beautiful and elegant flowers that symbolize beauty and sensuality. These tropical and subtropical-origin flowers can thrive in your home with proper care and attention. If you want to have healthy and robust orchids that bloom throughout the year, follow these simple tips.

Characteristics of Orchids

Orchids have fleshy leaves and colorfully tinted blooms, making them a stunning addition to any space. The most common type of orchid is the Butterfly Orchid or Phalaenopsis, which grows well in apartments at a temperature of around twenty degrees. These delicate plants prefer bright, humid areas but should never be placed in direct sunlight.

Reviving an Orchid

If you want to revive an orchid and promote strong roots and new leaves, you can follow this Asian method. Start by cleaning the roots of the orchid plant and removing all the soil. Trim off the roots and excess leaves, leaving only a central stem.

After washing and drying the remaining leaves, crush some garlic and place it at the bottom of a glass container. Add water to the garlic and filter it into another container. Pour about a third of the garlic juice into a glass and place the orchid in it. Let the orchid soak in the garlic juice for about twenty minutes, then allow it to dry in an empty glass.

Take a small plastic bottle, cut off the lid to create a plastic cup, and place it at the bottom of the glass. Insert the root of the orchid into the bottle neck, adding some water to maintain humidity. Mist the orchid with water every two days and within a month, you’ll see new roots and healthy leaves sprouting.

Tips for Orchids

For optimal growth, always plant orchids in transparent pots to allow for adequate light exposure. Choose pots that provide oxygen supply and ventilation for the root system.

Water orchids by immersing their pots in a basin of water, making sure to avoid using water treated with chlorine. Rainwater or distilled water is preferable for watering and misting these delicate plants.

Place orchids in humid areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, or a greenhouse. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight and be mindful not to overwater. Regularly check the leaves for cleanliness and wipe them with a cloth or cotton.

To encourage blooming, provide your orchid with regular fertilizer and water, and keep it in a well-ventilated area with a temperature of no more than twenty degrees.

With these simple tips, you can enjoy the beauty of orchids year-round and keep them thriving for years to come.