Unlock The Beauty: How To Grow Roses From Rose Caly



Roses, known as the “Queen of Flowers,” have captivated gardeners and enthusiasts for centuries with their exquisite beauty and alluring fragrance. While many gardeners opt for established rose bushes, growing roses from rose calyx, or rose hips, is a unique and rewarding experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the steps to successfully cultivate stunning rose bushes from rose calyx, unlocking a world of natural beauty in your garden.

Materials Needed:

Before you embark on your rose-growing journey, gather the following materials:

  1. Rose calyx or rose hips (collected from a healthy rose plant)
  2. Potting soil or compost
  3. Containers or seed trays
  4. Pruning shears
  5. Watering can or spray bottle
  6. Sunshine

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Choose the Right Rose Calyx: Select ripe rose calyx or rose hips from a healthy and disease-free rose plant. Wait until they turn red or orange, indicating maturity. Avoid those with signs of mold or disease.
  2. Extract the Seeds: Carefully cut the rose calyx open using pruning shears and remove the seeds. Clean the seeds by rinsing them in water and gently patting them dry.
  3. Cold Stratification: To mimic the natural conditions roses need to germinate, you’ll need to cold stratify the seeds. Place the cleaned seeds in a plastic bag with some damp sand or peat moss, seal the bag, and store it in the refrigerator for 4-6 weeks. This process breaks seed dormancy.
  4. Prepare the Growing Medium: Fill your containers or seed trays with well-draining potting soil or compost. Make small depressions in the soil surface for planting the rose seeds.
  5. Plant the Seeds: Plant the stratified rose seeds about 1/4 inch deep in the depressions you made. Space them at least 2 inches apart to allow room for growth.
  6. Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. A spray bottle can help you maintain proper moisture levels without disturbing the delicate seeds.
  7. Sunlight and Temperature: Place your containers or seed trays in a sunny location where they receive indirect sunlight or dappled shade. Maintain a temperature of around 70°F (21°C) for optimal germination.
  8. Transplanting: Once your rose seedlings have grown to about 3 inches in height and have a few sets of true leaves, carefully transplant them into larger pots or your garden, spacing them at least 18 inches apart.
  9. Care and Maintenance: Provide regular care, including watering, fertilizing, and protecting your roses from pests and diseases. Prune them as needed to encourage healthy growth and beautiful blooms.
  10. Enjoy Your Roses: With patience and care, your rose calyx-grown roses will flourish and reward you with their stunning blooms, adding elegance and fragrance to your garden.


Growing roses from rose calyx is a delightful and fulfilling endeavor that allows you to witness the full life cycle of these exquisite flowers. By following this guide and giving your roses the care they deserve, you can create a garden filled with the timeless beauty and enchanting fragrance of these beloved blooms. Unlock the secret of growing roses from rose calyx and watch your garden flourish with nature’s most cherished treasures.