5 Worst Places To Put An Orchid : The Orchid Will Die In A Few Day


Orchids are cherished for their exotic beauty and delicate appearance, making them a favorite among houseplant enthusiasts. However, the location of your orchid within your home can significantly impact its health and longevity. Placing an orchid in the wrong spot can lead to premature wilting and even death. Here are five places you should avoid if you want your orchid to thrive and rebloom with vibrant colors.

Worst Places to Place an Orchid

  1. The Kitchen
    While the kitchen may offer good light and seems like a cozy spot for decoration, it’s fraught with hazards for orchids. Frequent temperature fluctuations, along with heat and steam from cooking, can stress the plant. Ethylene gas emitted by ripening fruits like apples and bananas can also accelerate floral aging. Moreover, exposure to common household chemicals used in kitchen cleaning can be harmful.
  2. Drafty Locations
    Areas near frequently opened doors or windows can expose orchids to drafts and fluctuating temperatures, which they particularly dislike. These conditions can dry out the plant and reduce humidity levels, which are crucial for their health. Ensure your orchid is placed in a stable environment away from such airflow.
  3. The Bathroom (Without Proper Conditions)
    While bathrooms can provide beneficial humidity, lack of adequate light is a dealbreaker. If your bathroom lacks a window that provides natural light, it’s not a suitable place for an orchid. Orchids need sufficient light to flourish; without it, they can deteriorate quickly.
  4. Near Heat Sources
    Keep your orchid away from radiators, heaters, and air conditioning units. The direct heat and dry air from these sources can create an inhospitable environment, causing the orchid’s delicate leaves to dry out and yellow.
  5. Unheated Areas in Winter
    Orchids are tropical plants and cannot tolerate cold temperatures. An unheated room during the winter, such as a porch or a conservatory, can be deadly for an orchid.

Ideal Orchid Locations

  • Bathroom with a Window: This is ideal as it combines humidity with natural light. Ensure the orchid isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Living Room or Bedroom: These areas are typically stable in temperature and light, ideal for orchids as long as they are away from direct heat sources.
  • Office: Both home and corporate offices can be great locations, provided they have good indirect light. Plants in the office have also been shown to increase productivity and reduce noise pollution.

Additional Care Tips

  • Orchids thrive in indirect light, ideally near an east or west-facing window.
  • Maintain moderate temperatures between 18°C and 24°C.
  • If your environment is dry, consider using a humidifier or placing a water tray near the plant to maintain adequate humidity.
  • Avoid repositioning the orchid frequently; find a good spot and keep it there.
  • Ensure the orchid has space and isn’t cramped against walls or other plants.

By understanding these dos and don’ts, you can create an optimal environment for your orchid, allowing it to thrive and beautify your home with its stunning blooms.