Your Go To Natural Antibiotic Recipe

In the realm of natural health remedies, garlic stands out as a humble yet powerful ingredient. Its extraordinary benefits go beyond seasoning our favorite dishes; garlic is a natural antibiotic, brimming with medicinal qualities. This article not only celebrates garlic’s healing powers but also introduces a simple, delicious way to incorporate it into your daily routine.

The magic of garlic lies in allicin, its key compound, known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. To harness these benefits, let’s explore a recipe that is not only healthful but also a delightful addition to your pantry: garlic in a jar.

Garlic in a Jar Recipe

This recipe is an easy way to have ready-to-use garlic at your fingertips, ensuring you can incorporate it into your meals regularly.


  • Fresh garlic cloves

  • Olive oil

  • Optional: Herbs like rosemary or thyme, red pepper flakes


  1. Start by selecting fresh garlic bulbs. Peel and finely mince the cloves. Remember, the fresher the garlic, the more potent its health benefits.

  2. Sterilize a small glass jar by boiling it in water for a few minutes.

  3. Fill the jar with minced garlic, leaving a little space at the top.

  4. Pour high-quality olive oil over the garlic until it’s completely submerged. Olive oil not only preserves the garlic but also adds its own health benefits.

  5. Optionally, you can add herbs or a pinch of red pepper flakes for extra flavor.

  6. Seal the jar tightly and store it in the refrigerator. Let the mixture sit for a few days to allow the flavors to meld together