Lush Flowers For Months, You Will No Longer Use Other Fertilizers: This Is Very Powerfu

Use this miracle ingredient to get lush flowers for months. You will no longer use what was once your favorite fertilizer.

orange in the plant

Here is the fruit you need to use to make an organic fertilizer , which will make all the flowers in your garden bloom. Once you have discovered and known the procedure for making it, we are sure that you will abandon the use of the chemical fertilizer that you always thought was the best on the market.

You will no longer use other fertilizers

How many times have you seen your flowers wither and your plants die. Sometimes it seems like the only remedy is to throw away the dead plants and buy new ones. Those who do not have a strong green thumb could have great difficulty caring for the plants in their home or sown in the garden.

Sometimes, however, despite the numerous and generous care, the problem lies in the products we choose. There are very aggressive chemical fertilizers, which can irreparably compromise the health of our plant.

Precisely for this reason, a solution can often be to switch to organic fertilizers. These are excellent alternatives, which allow us to respect the environment and also save a lot of money. Natural fertilizers, in fact, are often produced directly with waste from our food products.


Today we reveal a perfect technique for those who are starting out in gardening and need organic cover for all their plants. Today you will learn how to make a very special cover for all your plants, which will make any shrub bloom and activate its growth.

It will do so, among other things, in an organic way. We will use the remains of a fruit that you would otherwise throw away, because they are not suitable for consumption. Don’t throw them away, because today you will learn how to make incredible organic covers. The fruit in question is much loved and is consumed in our country in any season, so don’t worry, because you certainly already have it at home.

Lush flowers for months

If you want to make this truly effective organic fertilizer , first you will have to take the remains of a fruit, which you surely already have in your pantry or refrigerator. If this is not the case, you can buy it for a few cents in the fruit shop near your house: we are talking about oranges.

You will have to let it dry in the sun. You should know that orange is rich in nitrogen , phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C, which are nutritious elements perfect for making all your plants flourish and activate the growth.

Lush flowers for months

After drying the remains of the orange , you will have to reduce them to flour, blending them. Now all you have to do is sprinkle this powder once every 30 days on all your plants, mixing it with the substrate. In this way it will activate the microbiota of its substrate and the covering will be enriched with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin C compounds.

This way the roots will also be able to absorb all the nutrients. The result will be a wonderful flowering . With this organic fertilizer, you will save a lot of money and you will finally be able to use a substance that respects the environment and cannot damage the health of your plant.