How To Germinate Lemon Seeds, The Infallible Tactic Of Every Nurseryman Reveale

Growing plants from lemon seeds is not only possible but also relatively simple. Follow these steps for successful germination:

Let the lemons sprout
  • Seed Extraction: Obtain seeds from a lemon by carefully cutting it into two parts, ensuring not to cut the seeds concentrated in the middle. Squeeze the lemon parts to release juice and seeds. Cut the largest part to access more seeds. Separate seeds from juice using a sieve, place them on absorbent kitchen paper, and let them air dry thoroughly.
  • Seed Preparation: To enhance germination, peel the outer layer or film covering the seeds using tweezers. This step removes the shell-like covering that can impede growth.
Lemon seeds
  • Germination Chamber: Create a germination chamber by moistening a folded absorbent paper with water, ensuring it’s not soaked. Place well-spaced seeds on one half of the paper, fold it over the seeds, and then fold it over itself. Wrap the paper with aluminum foil, creating a seed incubator.
  • Waiting Period: Wait for 2 to 3 weeks, keeping the seed chamber in a dry and warm place at home.
  • Check Germination: After three weeks, open the package to find sprouted lemon seeds.
Aluminum for the seeds
  • Planting: Prepare a pot with universal substrate, moisten the soil well until water drains from the pot’s holes. Create holes in the soil with a toothpick, ensuring the roots are placed at the bottom. Bury the seeds, cover them, and keep the pot indoors until leaves begin to grow.
  • Care and Growth: Place the pot in a bright area near a window but not in direct sunlight to prevent burning. Within a month, you’ll have small lemon plants. Decide whether to keep them together or transplant them into separate pots based on your preference.
Sow lemons

By following these steps, you can successfully grow lemon plants from seeds, offering the satisfaction of cultivating your own citrus plants.