11 Things About Coffee You Never Knew!

1. Coffee is a Fruit Did you know that coffee beans are actually seeds of a fruit? They come from the cherries of the coffee plant, making them technically a fruit.

2. Coffee Was Discovered by Goats Legend has it that coffee was discovered by Ethiopian goats! A shepherd noticed his goats becoming energetic after eating coffee cherries, leading to the discovery of coffee’s stimulating effects.

3. Espresso Means “Pressed Out” The word “espresso” comes from the Italian term meaning “pressed out,” referring to the method of forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee.

4. Coffee Can Improve Memory Studies have shown that caffeine can enhance memory and cognitive function, making it a great brain booster.

5. The World’s Most Expensive Coffee is Made from Animal Droppings Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world, is made using beans that have been eaten and excreted by civet cats. The unique fermentation process gives it a distinct flavor.

6. Coffee Grounds Can Be Used in the Garden Used coffee grounds make excellent compost and can be used to fertilize plants. They add valuable nutrients to the soil and can even deter pests.

7. Coffee is the Second Most Traded Commodity After oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, highlighting its global importance and popularity.

8. Decaf Doesn’t Mean Caffeine-Free Decaffeinated coffee still contains a small amount of caffeine. If you’re highly sensitive to caffeine, even decaf might have a slight stimulating effect.

9. Coffee Has Numerous Health Benefits Beyond boosting alertness, coffee is rich in antioxidants and has been linked to a lower risk of several diseases, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

10. Brazil is the Largest Coffee Producer Brazil is the world leader in coffee production, responsible for about one-third of the global coffee supply.

11. Coffee Can Affect Your Workout Drinking coffee before a workout can improve physical performance by increasing adrenaline levels and releasing fatty acids from fat tissues.

Conclusion Coffee is more than just a beloved beverage; it has a fascinating history, numerous health benefits, and surprising uses. Next time you sip your cup of joe, remember these interesting facts and enjoy your coffee even more!