Orchids, The Zero Cost Fertilizer: Never Had They Been So Lus

Introducing a miraculous fertilizer that won’t cost you a dime, reviving the beauty of your orchids effortlessly. Explore our article to learn the secrets of creating a natural fertilizer that will significantly boost the growth of your orchids.

orchid makeup

Guidelines for Orchid Lushness

Caring for orchids demands meticulous attention to detail for optimal sprouting. The first crucial step is to refrain from overwatering, especially during night and midday hours, as these periods pose a risk of thermal shock—a sudden contrast between water temperature and the ambient temperature.


Proper orchid watering involves moistening only the soil or saucer. However, if you observe dirty leaves, it’s essential to clean them to facilitate proper breathing for the plant. A solution of 70 ml water and 30 ml whole milk serves this purpose, as the rich proteins efficiently cleanse the plant and act as a deterrent against fungal attacks.

How to make orchids bloom again

Crafting a Natural Fertilizer

To create this miraculous fertilizer, take four cloves of garlic and soak them in hot water. Some individuals remove the garlic after infusion, while others leave the cloves. The key is to let the infusion rest for a minimum of 24 hours, allowing the water to absorb all the nutrients from the garlic.

For enhanced potency, it’s advisable to let the infusion rest in the dark. After the infusion period, apply the right amount to your plants. This natural fertilizer should not replace regular watering but should be alternated with it.

Crucially, the garlic fertilizer should never touch the leaves; instead, focus on moistening the soil around the roots. Ensure there is no water stagnation each time you apply the fertilizer. Check the saucer, where water accumulates from watering, and while it’s acceptable to leave some water, prolonged stagnation signals overwatering, especially with the nutrient-rich garlic infusion.

Natural fertilizer for orchids

Use the fertilizer approximately once a week, but be mindful that this method is not the sole way to administer it. If your orchid boasts numerous aerial roots, a spray bottle can be a perfect watering tool. Gradually, you’ll witness a transformation in your plant, particularly in its leaves, transitioning from a muted gray to a vibrant emerald green.